The Beginning

22 years ago this month I started what was to become North Country Creations. Originally I went by Kirby F. Neubert – Woodcarver and did it as a sideline business to my landscaping business.  In 2002 I sold that business and on October 10th of that year filed for a fictitious name in Pennsylvania to make my woodcarving business its own entity.

I learned my trade by simply watching Robbie Anderson carving in his shop a total of eight different days over the course of five or six months. The building shown here is the school of higher learning that I attended on Main Street in Sheffield, Pa.

The first item I ever carved was the gun cabinet shown here. It was made on commission for the sportsman’s club in Worthington, Pa. for a fund raising raffle. They paid me $750 for it and sold a limited number of 300 tickets at $5 each. That netted them an easy $750 and gave each ticket buyer a very good chance of winning compared to most other raffles.

Since then I have expanded my business to include carving a large variety of rustic furnishings and other items such as carving gunstocks, making garden ornaments and doing pyrography,  (wood burning). I also am in the process of adding selling my outdoor photographs to my business.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me along this fantastic journey!

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