About the Artist

Kirby F. Neubert is a nationally acclaimed artist who has been working professionally in woodcarving since 1992.  His fine eye for detail and his ability to capture the dynamic vitality of wildlife in his carvings set him apart as a true master of this art.

Kirby’s talents as a woodcarver have been in great demand since he started carving professionally.  His work has been commissioned by many prestigious clients including the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, National Wild Turkey Federation, Ruffed Grouse Society, Ducks Unlimited, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the PA Museum and Historical Commission. He has also done carving at The Home Depot many times to demonstrate the tools he uses.

His works are displayed and enjoyed in at least 17 states, and as far away as Peru.

Kirby Neubert

Kirby Neubert

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